Mindful Little Minds provides a curated online marketing platform on the website. The vendor has or intends to establish a store on this platform.

When a customer purchases a product from the website, the contract of sale is formed between the vendor and customer. The product is shipped by the vendor directly to the customer and does not come into possession or ownership of Mindful Little Minds at any time. Mindful Little Minds acts solely as the agent of the vendor and provides marketing and advertising services to promote the sale of the vendors products

By setting up a store or using the website as a marketing platform, the vendor agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions

Mindful Little Minds may amend these terms and conditions and the applicable commission rates and fees from time to time and will notify the vendor of any such amendments. By continuing to use the website as a marketing platform after being notified of these amendments, the vendor will be deemed to have agreed to the amendments.


Mindful Little Minds will provide the vendor with instructions on how to set up and manage its store.

The vendor will not promote or include any reference to any other business or website (including vendors own website) in its store.


The vendor is responsible for ensuring all information is accurate and up to date, complies with any applicable laws and is not defamatory or discriminatory in any way.

The vendor will ensure that all products offered for sale in its store are of a nature consistent with Mindful Little Minds’ reputation as a site which promotes the emotional health and wellbeing of children and families.

The vendor will not do anything that adversely affects the reputation or goodwill of Mindful Little Minds or the website. Mindful Little Minds may immediately remove any of the vendors products or information if Mindful Little Minds believes that it fails to comply with this agreement.

The vendor acknowledges that Mindful Little Minds reserves the right to determine the nature of all products and sellers using the website as well as the manner in which the website is presented (including the nature and arrangement of content, the categorisation of products, and the appearance of and information in the vendors store).

Mindful Little Minds reserves the right to make amendments to product listings in order to suit the look and feel of the site and for the purpose of search engine optimisation.


Mindful Little Minds will collect payment for orders on behalf of the vendor. Upon receipt of payment, the vendor will receive an email from Mindful Little Minds informing them of the sale. The details of the sale will be accessible by the vendor in the dashboard section of their account.

Upon notification of an order, the vendor will fulfil the order by shipping the relevant product within the time frame specified in the Vendors store.

The vendor will update the order status in the dashboard section of their account within 24 hours of posting the order, to indicate that the product has been shipped.

If the vendor ships a product in fulfilment of an order and the customer does not receive the product for any reason, the vendor will promptly ensure that alternative fulfilment arrangements are made.


The vendor has two shipping options available for products: flat rate (cost to be set by the vendor) or free shipping.

The vendor must provide both local and international options for shipping.

The vendor is required to specify shipping costs, processing times, (and if made-to-order, lead times) in their store.

It is the vendors responsibility to comply with all local and international shipping and customs regulations.


Vendors are to manage all returns and exchanges directly with the customer.

In the case of a refund, it is the vendors responsibility to notify Mindful Little Minds, who will then reimburse the agreed commission, less Stripe Fees.

Vendors will include their returns policy in their store information.


If the customer pays via Stripe, the purchase price less the agreed upon commission is paid directly to the vendors Stripe account at the time of sale, along with any shipping costs. If the customer pays via Paypal, the agreed upon commission and any shipping costs will be transferred to the Australian vendors Paypal account once per week. It is the vendors responsibility to ensure that its contact details and payment information is kept up to date, in order to facilitate this process.

Vendors outside of Australia who receive Paypal payments from customers will receive payment of commissions and shipping costs at the end of the week during which the balance of their account reaches AU$25.


It is the responsibility of all Australian vendors to manage their own GST requirements

If Australian vendors are registered for GST, its is the vendors responsibility to collect the required GST from the customer and report and remit this GST to the Australian Taxation Office.


Either party may terminate this agreement at any time without cause by giving notice of termination to the other.

On termination of the agreement Mindful Little Minds will remove the vendors store and information from the website and the seller agrees to fulfil any pending orders received before termination.


If the vendor acts in any way which infringes upon these terms and conditions, Mindful Little Minds reserves the right to cancel the vendors membership to the website without notice, and to refuse any future use of the website.


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