Watch This Face – An Emotional Literacy Puzzle

by Kids Develop Store


This lovely emotional literacy puzzle set uses animals to link emotions and scenarios.

Sort the character cards into four coloured groups before studying scenarios and expressions.

Emotional vocabulary includes happiness, sadness, anger, fear and surprise.

Includes parent and educator notes to adapt or extend the activity to suit the child or group.

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This fun emotional literacy puzzle helps children identify, label and understand feelings. Children need to identify the emotion from the expression on each animals face, and then find the situation that matches the feeling. How does the dog feel when his friends throw him a surprise party? How does the cat feel when he wins first place?

This puzzles helps children to identify and label emotions and the facial expressions that go with them. It also helps with developing empathy by helping kids understand how different situations might make others feel. The puzzle covers emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear and surprise. It is  a great way to build your child’s emotional vocabulary and help them learn about and understand their own feelings and the feelings of others.

It is also a fun and non confrontational way to initiate conversations with kids about how they are feeling. Some ideas for using your emotional literacy puzzle include:

  • Choose a scenario that mirrors a situation your child has found themselves in recently. Ask how the animal in that situation might be feeling.
  • Use a scenario puzzle piece to ask your child about a similar situation they may have experienced.
  • Select an emotion and ask your child to tell you about a time they felt the same.
  • Choose an emotion and ask your child to tell you about something they can do to manage their feelings next time they feel that way
  • Build empathy skills by asking your child how they could help a friend who is in that situation/feeling that way

Puzzle includes 48 pieces (24 pairs) and is suitable for all ages.


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