Resilience Building Workbook Bundle


This value bundle includes the following three activity books for kids:

  • My Self Esteem Workbook
  • My Growth Mindset Workbook
  • My Gratitude Workbook

Buy the bundle of 3 and save, or see the links to each individual workbook below.

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A set of 3 resilience building printable workbooks packed with fun activities for kids.

As parents it’s important to us that our kids develop resilience. We want them to have the ability to cope with setbacks, disappointments and challenges in life. But many parents don’t know how to teach these skills to their kids, or even if they can? And the huge amount of information floating around the internet can sometimes cause more confusion!

But you definitely CAN teach your child to be more resilient. In fact, resilience is not one skill, but a set of very important skills. It is the ability for your child to use a range of tools, and strategies to manage difficult emotions and negative self beliefs.

Your Resilience Building Workbook Bundle includes 3 workbooks:

That’s over 70 pages, and more than 30 printable worksheets and activities for your child to complete. See the link to each workbook above for a breakdown of the activities included.

In combination, these workbooks will help your child learn to love and believe in themselves and their capabilities, learn to embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and recognise all they have to be thankful for in their lives. Put an end to negative self talk for good, and help your child learn essential coping skills so they can deal with big emotions and bounce back from difficult situations. These fun activities will have your child feeling happy, grateful, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Who is the Resilience Building Workbook Bundle for?

The activities are best suited to children aged approximately 5-11 years old and are great for either home or school. Most activities can be easily adapted to suit younger kids too!

Will this work for my child?

I’ve been using these activities with kids in therapy for over 10 years. They’ve helped countless kids feel happier, more capable, and to ditch the negative self talk that prevents them from reaching their full potential. They are based on what I know works, but they are also based on decades of research.

Grab your copy of the Resilience Building Workbook Bundle today and help your child learn how to thrive in difficult situations so they can be the very best version of themselves they can be!

5 reviews for Resilience Building Workbook Bundle

  1. Frida

    They are AMAZING Sarah! Thank you. So many valuable tools and exercises for building kids confidence and self awareness! Definitely recommend!

  2. Emma Gilchrist (verified owner)

    I didn’t realise this included the self esteem workbook too!

    • Sarah Conway (store manager)

      Yes, it’s all three workbooks! Did you purchase the self esteem workbook separately Emma? If so, I’m happy to refund you the cost of the extra book, just shoot me an email 🙂

  3. Ellena (verified owner)

    Great exercises. Definitely suitable for an 8 year old with who struggles to ‘bounce back’ and gain healthy perspectives.

  4. Colleen Flaws (verified owner)

  5. Jo Lim (verified owner)

    Have not flipped through in details but from what I had a glance, love the artwork and the layout etc. Amazing workbooks!

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