Mindful Millie | Mindful Millie Series

by Mindful Millie


A fun and endearing mindfulness book for children featuring Mindful Millie the elephant.

Follow Millie as she goes mindfully about her day and learn a thing or two about being mindful yourself.


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Mindful Millie is a fun and engaging mindfulness book for children, written by Louise Tribble and featuring the illustrations of Rhiannon Thomas.

Mindful Millie is an elephant who lives life in the present. When she goes for a walk, she notices the smells, sights and sounds around her. When she eats, she notices how her food tastes and feels in her mouth. When her friends are sad, she notices how they feel and is mindful of how she speaks to them.

Mindfulness can help our children in many ways. It helps them learn to regulate feelings, develop empathy and other pro-social behaviours, and build resilience and confidence. It can also protect our children’s mental health and help them with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Join Millie as she goes mindfully about her day, helping her friends along the way. She will teach your child various mindfulness strategies and encourage them to be more aware and mindful during their day to day activities. 

A fantastic mindfulness book for children that your kids are sure to love reading again and again. 

Format: Paperback


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Mindful Millie

The Mindful Millie Series includes three books written to help children build a positive mental health.

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