Mindful Little Homeschool Activity Kit


Keep your kids active, engaged and learning through play with this AMAZING printable resource. COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Many of us are suddenly working and educating our kids from home and have lost the comfort of our regular routines. We are stressed. And so are our kids.

But you can help your child develop resilience, practice gratitude, and learn skills to manage their anxiety and frustration with this printable homeschool activity kit. This is the ULTIMATE social emotional learning tool for kids and is packed with fun activities like mindful colouring, meditations, yoga and movement exercises, growth mindset activities, mindful breathing exercises, calm down strategies and LOTS more.

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Are you looking for something to keep the kids occupied while you’re at home and practicing social distancing? This printable activity kit is the ULTIMATE social emotional learning tool for kids. It includes 13 different printable resources that will help your child build self regulation skills, improve resilience, and learn about emotions through play! It even includes a resource to help YOU feel calmer and more in control. And that means a calmer self isolation period for everyone!

Our lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19. We are all stressed, confused and feeling uncertain about what’s to come next. Many of us are now home schooling children for the first time. We are spending our days at home and unable to participate in our usual activities. We are missing the comfort and predictability of our usual routines. We are all feeling the strain. Including our kids.

I put this pack together for you to help reduce some of that strain. Our kids need to remain active during this time – physically and mentally. And they are likely experiencing some pretty intense emotions right now, which they’ll need some help to manage. This pack will help you teach your kids important self regulation skills and develop resilience in the face of a difficult situation.

This printable kit is packed with:

  • Fun mindfulness activities to keep your kids active, focused and regulated – including mindful colouring pages, craft activities, meditations, mindful mantras and positive affirmations
  • Mindful Breathing activities to help your child manage anxiety and calm big meltdowns and outbursts
  • Growth mindset and self esteem activities to help your child feel capable and confident as a learner, reduce frustrations, and better manage disappointments and set backs
  • Gratitude exercises to help your child shift their perspective, increase appreciation for the little things in their lives, and find the positives in their situation, whatever that may look like right now
  • Yoga and movement exercises to keep your child active and to regulate their big emotions
  • A range of brain breaks to help kids reset and refocus during learning
  • A set of simple calming strategies to use when children are feeling overwhelmed by big emotions
  • A set of affirmations for YOU to help you manage your stress so you can feel calmer and learn to respond rather than react to your child in those difficult moments AND
  • 3 BONUS activities you and your child can have fun completing together. These activities are playful learning opportunities that will help you connect with each other, learn about emotions, and build important empathy skills.

What’s Inside?

Plus 3 Bonus Resources:

  • Playdough Emotion Mats
  • Mindfulness Chatterbox Challenge
  • Sprinkle Kindness Challenge (Self Isolation Edition)

And the BEST bit? Separately, these resources are valued at over $80. But since I know that many of us are feeling financial strain at the moment, with uncertainty around job security both now and in the future, I wanted to do something to ease that strain for you. So I’ve slashed the price of these printables by more than 50%. Which means you can get ALL of these resources for just $40!

Download yours today and help your family feel calm, in control and connected!

**These are printable products only – no physical items will be shipped to you



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  1. Kate (verified owner)

    What an extensive kit! So many different activities to help us through isolation. A few of the activities were a bit too old for my 4 year old, as they require some reading skills, but I am looking forward to returning to this resource every year as she grows up! So impressed!

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