Mindful Little Feelings Puzzles


A set of 16 printable feelings puzzles for kids that will help them understand and recognise emotions.

Kids will have lots of fun matching the name of the emotions to the faces in these simple puzzles, suitable for ages 2 and up

These puzzles will help you build your child’s emotions vocabulary as well as identify a range of emotions, building empathy and understanding and helping them learn to manage their emotions too!

*This is a downloadable pdf – no physical item will be shipped to you*


These printable feelings puzzles will help your child learn to recognise and name emotions – in themselves as well as in others. Understanding how other people feel can help children develop empathy. It can help them to be more mindful of and attentive towards the feelings of others, which results in greater social success and more meaningful relationships with others.

In addition to this, broadening a child’s feelings vocabulary can minimise challenging behaviour such as tantrums and aggression because they become better able to put words to their experience and then explain that experience to you. This can ease your child’s frustration and increase your responsiveness, helping them feel seen, heard and understood.

What’s included:

  • A set of 16 mini feelings puzzles in full colour
  • 2 blank puzzles for you to draw your own emotions onto
  • A set of questions to ask your child during play to encourage further social/emotional learning and development

Using your Feelings Puzzles

Using your puzzles is super simple – just print and cut them out (I recommend printing on card stock or laminating for extra durability). Next, cut along the arrows to separate the faces from the feeling names, lay the cards down on a flat surface and mix them all up. Then encourage your child to put them together again, matching the faces with the correct feelings. And don’t worry – if your little one isn’t reading yet, you can simply read out the name of the feeling for them and ask them to find the corresponding face.

Want to have even more fun? Each time your child makes a match, ask them to make the face themselves too  – this is sure to result in lots of giggles!

Want to know more about the importance of recognising and labelling emotions? You can read more in this blog post here.

And if you’d like even more fun tools to help your child understand emotions, you can see our full range of feelings resources here. Or, save by grabbing the whole set of feelings resources in this bundle.

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