Mindful Little Feelings Cards


A set of 32 printable feelings cards for kids that will build their feelings vocabulary and help them learn how to identify and understand emotions – in themselves and others!

The set includes 16 full colour feelings cards and 16 black and white cards for your child to colour themselves.

Recognising and labelling emotions is the first step in managing them – so grab your feelings cards today and have fun learning about emotions with your child!

*This is a downloadable pdf – no physical item will be shipped to you*


These printable feelings cards are a super versatile tool for teaching kids about emotions! Labelling emotions is the first step in helping children to manage them. In fact, just saying the name of the emotion they feel out loud can help children feel more calm and in control.

Broadening their emotions vocabulary can also reduce frustration for young children and minimise challenging behaviour like tantrums and aggressive behaviour. This is because we are giving them more tools to communicate effectively with us. When we teach them the words they need, they no longer need to resort to behaviours like hitting, kicking or throwing things to let us know how they feel.

What’s Included:

  • A set of 16 colour feelings cards with 9 cards to a page
  • A set of 16 black and white feelings cards to colour with 4 cards to a page
  • Backing sheet for the reverse side of your cards
  • Instructions and ideas to help you have lots of fun and learning with your cards!

How to use your printable feelings cards:

Simply print out your cards, and either paste or print the backing sheet to the reverse side. You can use the cards as flashcards, holding them up and asking your child to name the emotions. Or, you can get really creative and play some fun games. Our favourites are feelings memory and feelings snap, but there are so many ways to use these cards!

You can also colour in the black and white cards included, creating your own personalised set of feelings cards that are unique to your child!

These cards  are a great way to open up a conversation about feelings – what they look like, what they feel like in your child’s body, how to cope with them, and how to notice them in others! 

For more on the importance of labelling emotions and how this can help children with emotional regulation, you can read this blog.

You can also see our full range of feelings printables here, or grab our Feelings Bundle – including 5 amazing feelings resources, here.



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  1. Nikki Kenagy (verified owner)

    I wish that “Hungry” was a card in your pack. Many of our kids come to school hungry, and we can help them if we know.

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