Mindful Little Feelings Bundle


Nurture your child’s emotional intelligence and give them all the tools they need to identify, talk about and understand emotions – theirs and others!

The Mindful Little Feelings resource bundle includes the following resources:

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This printable feelings resource bundle includes 5 fun feelings resources designed to nurture your child’s emotional intelligence. Help your child learn to identify, talk about and understand their emotions as well as the emotions of others.

These tools help children to identify what emotions look and feel like. They also give them the language they need to talk about emotions. Because learning how to recognise and label emotions is the first step in building emotional intelligence and learning to regulate emotions. But we often expect children to “use their words” to tell us how they feel – without explicitly teaching them what those words are!

No need to worry though! These resources are going to fix all of that for you. They will give your children the words they need, using the language they speak best – play!

What’s included in your Feelings Resource Bundle?

Inside your bundle you’ll find 5 play based resources designed by a child and adolescent psychologist. They include:

Want to know more about why learning to label emotions is so important? Read this blog post: Name it to tame it: How labelling emotions helps kids manage them

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  1. Jo Lim (verified owner)

    Love both the feeling cards as well as the blanks for hands on activity. Wonderful and creative ideas!

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