Mindful Little Calm Down Kit


The Mindful Little Calm Down Kit contains everything you need to set up a calm down space in your home or classroom, so you can start responding calmly and confidently to your child’s challenging behaviours and BIG emotions.

Best suited for ages 2-8

This is a printable PDF – no physical product will be shipped


The Mindful Little Calm Down Kit contains everything you need to set up a calm down space in your home or classroom, so you can start responding calmly and confidently to your child’s challenging behaviours and BIG emotions.

Children are not born with the ability to regulate their emotions. It’s a skill that needs to be learned, just like riding a bike, or tying shoelaces. This calm down kit will guide you step by step, through the process of teaching your child to manage their big emotions. Through mindfulness, connection and play, your child will learn important social and emotional skills and develop resilience and emotional intelligence.

And you? You can say goodbye to nagging, yelling, and exhausting power struggles. Because this is more than a printable kit. It’s an entire system that will help you move away from from punitive, fear based parenting strategies and towards mindful, connection based parenting, so that you can raise resilient, emotionally healthy kids and calm the reactivity and stress in your home.

What’s included in your Calm Down Kit?

This kit is a printable product that contains over 100 pages of instructions, posters, and playful tools to help your child feel safe, calm and in control. Your printable kit includes:

  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 4 x Calm Down Corner Posters
  • 4 x Calm Down Kit Labels
  • 2 x Calming Quote Posters
  • Little Kids Feelings Chart
  • Big Kids Feelings Chart
  • What Can I Do? Poster and Card Set
  • How Big is my Feeling? Chart
  • My Calm Down Strategies Poster
  • Bonus Printables: Playdough Activity Mats, How Am I Feeling Worksheet, Mindful Little Calm Down Cards, Mindful Little Breathing Cards, Mindful Little Breathing Boards, 2 x Mindful Breathing Posters, My Mindfulness Pinwheel, My Mind Jar, 9 x Colouring Pages, My Triggers Worksheet (for parents)

11 reviews for Mindful Little Calm Down Kit

  1. Anna W

    Easy to understand and implement. The feelings charts are great for my little person with big feelings. Love it!

  2. Diana

    This is such a wonderful resource for anyone who feels a bit “lost” with knowing how to calmly handle dealing with their children’s big emotions. The resources are beautifully presented, clearly explained and, most importantly, FUN! Implementing the calm down space has been a game changer for our household. I highly recommend!!

  3. Michelle

    Fantastic!! We have had an instant change from our 3 year old son. He is able to go to his calm down space, recognise how he is feeling and talk about why he feels a certain way. So nice to be able to spend that time to connect with him and his emotions.

  4. Liz (verified owner)

    There is so much more information in the pack than I expected! Thank you. We can’t wait to set it all up. 🙂

  5. Alison

    The Calm Down kit has been really useful for my 2 and 4 year olds. We always joke that parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, but this kit has really provided us with a framework to talk about emotions and provided a platform for helping both us as parents, and my kids learn some emotional regulation

  6. Trish

    I’m a mummy to a super-shy and sometimes anxious 4 year old boy. The Mindful Little Calm Down Kit has been a wonderful addition to our day to day lives, helping us all to recognise and verbalise our emotions, and recognise what those emotions mean for us and how we hold space for our sons emotional needs. The kit has lots of helpful information about how children’s emotions can affect their behaviour, and some wonderful activities to help children learn to regulate. We’ve found it incredibly helpful, and our home is a much calmer place since we started using it!

  7. Mina (verified owner)

    very authentic and love the art work

  8. N CADDY (verified owner)

  9. Mariela Mesen (verified owner)

    As a therapist, it was an incredible tool to use with kids as young as 3 and a half years. The Kit was truly helpful for them to start naming their emotions while pointing at the posters and to make them feel welcomed in my office.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They look super great- but every time they finally download the file says its unreadable 🙁 The calm down cards are helping a lot though! (I got those separately)

    • Sarah Conway (store manager)

      Hi! Please send me an email at hello@mindfullittleminds so we can get this sorted out for you.

  11. Sarah (verified owner)

    I will flat out admit that I didn’t buy this kit for a child. I have been trying to heal from past trauma, and discovered this kit while looking for resources to add to a self-care/crisis box I was putting together for myself. I don’t have a great grasp on my own emotions, and I really liked the idea of having some simple tools on hand to try and work myself through “bad brain” hours. The different breathing exercises and the emotion/calming activity cards in particular are really nice. It’s never too late to learn these skills.

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