Mindful Little Breathing Bundle (PDF)

by Mindful Little Minds


Need some help teaching your child how to manage their BIG feelings?

This kids mindful breathing bundle is a great introduction to mindfulness for kids and includes more than 20 fun and engaging mindful breathing exercises that kids can start using from as young as 2 years old.

This bundle includes my 2 best selling mindful breathing printables, as well as a brand new set – 5 mindful breathing posters for your child’s bedroom, calm down space or classroom!

What’s included?

Grab your bundle today and start teaching your child to manage those big emotions so you can have the calm, connected home you’ve always wanted!


Mindful breathing helps to regulate the nervous system. It switches off the stress response and lets the brain know that we are not in danger. It is a powerful strategy for helping kids calm down and manage big feelings.

In fact, mindful breathing for kids is a great place to start your child’s mindfulness journey. Children as young as 2-3 can master mindful breathing techniques with a little practice and guidance.  Each of these activities is fun, quick and effective. They provide children with different visual cues and other sensory feedback to help them focus, understand and master the breathing techniques.

Your Kids Mindful Breathing Bundle includes:

A set of 18 Mindful Breathing Cards – Simply print them off, cut them out and attach them to a ring so you can carry them with you wherever you go. You’ll always have strategies at hand to help your child with their big emotions. Yes, even in the middle of a crowded grocery store!

A set of 6 Mindful Breathing Boards – These boards are designed to provide children with a visual cue that helps them maintain focus and calm their bodies. Children simply trace the patterns on the board and follow the simple directions. Great for classrooms or calm down spaces.

A set of 5 Mindful Breathing Posters – Perfect for hanging in the playroom or classroom wall or in your calm down space to provide kids with a quick visual guide when they’re feeling big emotions like anger, frustration or overwhelm.


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