Making Mindful Little Minds: A Mindfulness Activity Book for Kids



A printable mindfulness activity book for kids

Best for ages: 5-12

To help with: Introducing mindfulness; calming; focus; emotion regulation; building positive self esteem; building resilience

Over 60 pages of fun activities, breathing exercises, mindfulness scripts, and tips for parents and teachers to help you teach these important skills to your kids. These activities will help your kids build emotional intelligence, resilience and confidence and bring a sense of calm to your homes and classrooms.

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This printable mindfulness activity book for kids is jam packed full of fun, engaging mindfulness activities that your children will love!

Mindfulness is a powerful way to build emotional intelligence in kids. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage our own emotions, as well as the emotions of others and then use this information to guide our decision making. It is a vital skill. In fact, research now tells us it’s probably more important than IQ when it comes to the future success of our children.

When we teach our kids to be mindful, we teach them to be present in, and aware of, the here and now. In doing so, we give them important tools for managing their thoughts and emotions, regulating their reactions, and relating to others. Mindfulness helps us build children who are resilient, self aware, confident and kind.

What’s included in your mindfulness activity book?

  • More than 60 pages of fun, hands on, interactive activities
  • Tips for adults to help you introduce the concept of mindfulness to your kids
  • Breathing exercises to help kids learn how to calm their bodies and minds
  • Scripts for parents and teachers to use alongside the activities
  • Detailed explanations of each activity for parents and teachers so you can understand what each activity is used for and how to teach it to your child
  • Tips for teachers to help you adapt the exercises for a class or group of children

Studies have shown that mindfulness helps children:

  • Sleep better,
  • Feel less anxious,
  • Concentrate better in class,
  • Get along with others,
  • Feel happier and more confident within themselves

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Making Mindful Little Minds today and start building your child’s emotional intelligence with these simple, fun activities. Set your child up for life and give them the foundations they need to thrive with just a few clicks. Simply purchase, download, print and go!

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  1. Elise P. (verified owner)

    Great book, great ideas!

  2. Jo Lim (verified owner)

    This is like a master guide book. Love it!

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