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Can you hear that?
Yep, me too!
That’s the sound of Christmas overwhelm.
You said this year would be different and yet, here you are.

I know. I’ve been there too.

Last year I’d had enough. I was tired. I had a newborn (plus three other demanding kidlets) to look after, I was moving house and I’d foolishly agreed to host Christmas lunch for my whole family. Crazy huh?!  I wanted everything to be perfect. And do you know what happened? I ended up with Christmas burnout. We skipped lots of our usual traditions. Things that were important to me, and to us as a family. When we did do things, I wasn’t really “there”. I was thinking about everything I had to do. I was cranky with the kids. I certainly wasn’t enjoying my favourite time of year. And you know what? No-one was really enjoying spending time with me either!

That is why I created this amazing course: so you can avoid your own Christmas burnout. So your family don’t end up calling you the Grinch behind your back (oops, sorry family!). So you can enjoy your Christmas with your family, doing things that are important to all of you.

Why a mindful Christmas?

If you’re;
• Tired of feeling stressed and frazzled at Christmas.
• You have so much to do that you don’t get to enjoy any of the celebrations.
• You’ve had enough of rushing from activity to activity.
• You want more time to spend with your kids and family.
• You want your kids to experience the magic and joy of Christmas.
• You’re sick and tired of all the obligations and duties you have to fulfil.

Then this 2 week e-course is for you.

The “Have Yourself A Mindful Little Christmas” course is all about having a calm and mindful Christmas.

What will you get?

When you join, you will learn about:

• Creating meaningful traditions and rituals that foster stronger relationships and connections.
• Fostering gratitude, empathy, and kindness.
• Parenting mindfully during Christmas, including looking at your triggers and strategies for more mindful communication and discipline.
• Managing stress and overwhelm in you and your child.
• Mindful gift giving.
• Communicating and dealing with conflict with extended family.
• And much more!

You’ll also receive 14 days of Christmas themed mindfulness activities, printable worksheets, and information to help you with the tasks and lessons. The course will be delivered inside an exclusive Facebook group, which you will have lifetime access to, along with all resources and videos.

We’re kicking things off on Monday, December 3rd. We’re going to have a blast, so what are you waiting for? The cart is closing for the year in…

-263Days -2Hours -39Minutes -45Seconds

Come and have a calm and stress-free Christmas with us…you deserve it!

*Please check your purchase receipt for your link to join our “Have yourself a Mindful Little Christmas” Facebook group. This is a closed group specifically for members of this course. The course will be delivered exclusively within the group, so you will need to be a member of the group in order to participate.


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