Emotion Cards for Children (PDF)

by Monkinya


A set of 24 printable emotion cards to use with your child to help them communicate and understand how they are feeling

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These emotion cards for children are designed to help them be more mindful of their feelings. To notice feelings, acknowledge them, and accept them without judgement.

It is important to teach our children that all emotions are welcomed, and are OK! There are no good or bad emotions. And we don’t need to try to change them. All we need to do is just observe and understand how we feel.

Same situation might cause different emotions in different people. So they are unique to us as individuals.

You can use our emotion cards in so many different ways. Here are just 4 of them:
1- Ask your child/children how they are feeling, let them pick a card (or more)
2- Pick one emotion to talk about. (Let’s say “Angry”) and then let children talk about what it means to be angry, where in their body they feel anger, what color anger is for them, or let them talk about one time they felt angry.
3- Pick a card and let your children imitate the emotion they see.
4- Use the cards to talk about empathy & other people’s emotions.

Once you purchase our Monkinya Emotion Cards for Children, you will receive 8 A4 sized pages in total.
6 pages with 4 emotions each (24 emotions in total)
1 cover page with all faces
1 page with 4 empty faces (that your children can fill to express an emotion themselves rather than picking a card from the set)

For personal use / teaching purposes only. Mass production or selling is not allowed. All rights reserved.


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