Conversation Cards for Families

by Positive Mind Open Heart


16x Beautiful Conversation Cards for kids. Help  make family dinners fun, encourage open communication and foster a sense of togetherness as your children grow.

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These conversation cards for families are a wonderful way to make communicating with your little loves fun and easy.

How many times have you asked your child how their day was, only to receive, “good”, or “I don’t remember”? Sometimes it can be hard to get your children to open up and discuss their thoughts and feelings, or even to tell you what they did while you were apart!

These conversation cards are a great tool for starting meaningful and important discussions with your children. They give them an opportunity to talk about the highs and lows of their day, reflect on things they learned, and help to nurture positive self esteem and a growth mindset.

But perhaps most importantly, they help you develop and nurture a strong bond with your children that will help them feel safe and loved. Use your conversation cards to create a culture of communication and togetherness in your family. By encouraging open and honest communication when they are young, we establish important habits and routines. We keep the lines of communication open as they grow, so that we are better able to navigate the tumultuous teenage years with ease, knowing they can come to us with any problems that arise.

How to use your conversation cards for kids:

  • Set the cards in the middle of the table at dinner time and have each family member choose a card for discussion
  • Have your kids choose one card at random to chat about as part of their bedtime routine
  • Encourage your child to choose a card to start a conversation with you when something is on their mind
  • Leave your child a special card to open up a conversation when something is on your mind or you are worried about them.
  • Use the cards as prompts for journalling together with your child

These cards are also great to use in classrooms and other group settings. Incorporate them into your peer support or pastoral programs, youth group, yoga or mindfulness class to help kids learn about themselves and each other.

Each set contains 16 conversation cards and comes in a cotton drawstring bag for easy gifting or storage.


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