Do you want to be a calmer parent?

Join us for 5 days of strategies designed to help you feel calm and in control, reduce your yelling, and be the kind of parent you always imagined you would be!


Are you feeling frustrated? Overwhelmed? Stressed?


I know what it's like, mama. I've been there too. You spend your days asking your kids to do the same things. Over, and over, and over. And...nothing happens. Your requests fall on deaf ears. You feel frustrated. Fed up. Angry. And so you start yelling. And the yelling works, at least in that moment.


But afterwards you feel guilty. Ashamed. You know you shouldn't yell. This isn't the kind of parent you want to be. In fact, you always vowed that you wouldn't be this parent. Yet here you are. Stuck in this cycle of yelling and feeling guilty and yelling again.

You CAN break the cycle


And I'm going to give you the tools to do it. Join me for 5 days of strategies designed to help you reduce your yelling, break the cycle of guilt and shame and feel in control again. 
Each day you'll receive a new email from me and an actionable step you can take right away to help you reduce your yelling and feel calmer. Over the course of the challenge we're going to talk about:
  • Why simply "taking a deep breath" won't work when you're raging mad
  • Why your yelling actually has nothing to do with the kids or their behaviour
  • How you can respond instead of react to situations
  • Simple strategies to use everyday to remind you why you don't want to yell
  • How to manage your stress and take better care of you
  • Why we're aiming for "good enough" and not perfect


Plus, you'll gain access to our Mindful Parenting Community on Facebook, where you can connect with like minded parents, share your wins, and find support and camaraderie during your journey to being a calmer, more mindful parent.

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