A Mindful Little Christmas: The Mindful Living Christmas Gift Guide 2018 {Part 1}

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Welcome to the 2018 Mindful Living Christmas Gift Guide! This is a two part blog series featuring 56 unique gift ideas from 56 amazing businesses. All designed to help you live, celebrate, and give more mindfully this festive season. In this first part of the guide you’ll find some amazing gifts for babies and children. And in Part 2, you’ll find fabulous gifts for teenagers, adults, and families.

Why have a mindful Christmas?

This guide was inspired by my own children and my desire for them to live a more simple, mindful life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of receiving gifts at Christmas time. In the past I’ve felt frustrated in the days following Christmas. Frustrated by the piles of gifts waiting to be put away. Having to rearrange the kids rooms just to make all the ‘stuff’ fit. Frustrated by the toys that break within days. Or, that my kids don’t even get out of the box! Frustrated by what feels like gifts for the sake of gifts. And I know other parents share my frustration.

I want this year to be different. And I thought, why stop with kids gifts? How many of us get gifts that we never use? That break quickly? That end up in land fill, or being donated because it’s not really ‘our thing’, or we already have one? And how many of us buy gifts for people just because that’s what we do? Without really thinking about why? Without really thinking about the person receiving the gift? Well, no more!

What does a mindful Christmas look like?

I want to celebrate more mindfully this year. And I want to inspire you to do the same. To me, celebrating mindfully means choosing quality over quantity. Choosing practical gifts. Gifts that inspire, encourage, motivate, and stimulate us. Gifts that nourish our bodies, our minds and our souls. Gifts with intention and purpose. Gifts that help us create calm homes. Gifts that are good for the earth, and good for us. Gifts that bring us together, and deepen connection, instead of creating distance. Gifts that continue to bring us joy, over and over again, no matter now many times they are used.

I’m planning to have ‘A Mindful Little Christmas’ this year. I hope you’ll join me.


In my house, these small ticket items are often tiny little plastic toys. Small things to purchase for the sake of filling a stocking. Right? They often get broken by the end of the day, or lost. Well, let’s put an end to that. Here are four ideas that will actually add value to your life. Four quality items with a purpose and a message that you can pop into your kids stockings, without feeling like you’re just filling space.

Positive Girls

Positive Affirmation Temporary Tattoos

Positive Girls is on a mission to have every little girl in Australia stand a little taller, shine a little brighter and be super confident in her own skin. These tattoos are such a fun way to boost self-esteem and promote confidence! Perfect for children and tweens, each pack contains 8 individual temporary tattoos with a different positive affirmation. Some examples include “I am beautiful”, “I can do this” and “I am brave.” You can even choose between 3 different cover styles. A great stocking stuffer that is sure to put a smile on any little girls face!

Positive Girls Positive Affirmation Temporary Tattoos | Mindful Little mINDS

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 10% off with the code TATTOO10

Mission Magnets

Daily Thoughts for Kids

Give children positive language to speak about themselves, and they will learn to think of themselves in a positive light. This set of 10 cute and colourful positive affirmations can be popped on the fridge, where it will be front and centre all day long. Your child will love choosing a daily magnet and practising the affirmation. Watch your child thrive and grow, believing that they can do anything! The set is gender neutral and comes in a satin lined gift box. Perfect to place into their stocking on Christmas Eve!

Mission Magnets Daily Thoughts for Kids | Mindful Little Minds A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


Talem Underwear

Affirmation Underwear

Underwear that combines comfort and function with empowerment! The word Talem is Latin for empower. And Talem’s aim is to empower children with the confidence and strength they need to get through challenges that may come their way. Each pair of underwear has one positive word embroidered on the band. When children get dressed in the morning they see and say the positive word to themselves. By having this affirmation ‘on them’, they are reminded of its positive message throughout the day.

Talem Underwear donates 15% of every product sold to the Alannah & Madeleine Foundation — a charity set up to care for children who have experienced violence and abuse. The Foundation also run a number of programmes aimed at preventing physical, verbal and cyber bullying. So ditch the boring undies in the stocking this year, and choose underwear with confidence!

Talem Underwear | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

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The Worry Doll Shop

Set of 4 Worry Dolls in a Bag

A sweet gift for your little worrier. These worry dolls will help ease your child’s fears and take away their worries so they can sleep soundly at night. Simply tell the worry dolls your worries and then place them in their bag under your pillow.  When you wake in the morning, your worries will be gone!

And, in addition to helping your little one with their worries, when you purchase from The Worry Doll Shop, you also help families and villagers in Guatemala. All of The Worry Doll Shop’s worry dolls are sourced from a family owned business in Guatemala, established in the 1950s. They are ethically produced by the family who own the business, no child labour is used, and they practise fair trade. The money goes directly to the family and provides income to the family and villagers in Guatemala. It’s a gift that helps everyone feel good!

Set of 4 Worry Dolls in a Drawstring Bag

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 15% off with the code WORRY15


Babies can be hard to buy for at Christmas time, especially if they’re still very new. I know my kids got lots of plastic toys with flashing lights, and music and moving parts for their first Christmas. These toys often take up a huge amount of space, can only be used by baby for a short while, and in a few specific ways, and….are annoying! Let’s face it, no one really wants to listen to the alphabet song on repeat a billion times a day, do they?! Here are some ideas for you that are safe for baby, safe for the environment and encourage healthy development and closeness with mum and dad. All the good stuff!

Natural Little Wonders

Natural Wooden Teether

This gorgeous wooden butterfly is sealed with a 100% organic blend of beeswax and coconut oil, and complimented with an organic cotton muslin tag in the colour of your choice. The cute cotton tags are great for baby’s sensory development, and are made from 100% organic cotton muslin. A beautiful, safe, natural choice for baby’s first Christmas!

Natural Wooden Teether | Mindful Little Minds A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

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Wearable Over-arm Feeding Pillow

Worn over the arm, Mamma-pillo is an Award Winning, environmentally friendly nursing support pillow.  It is designed to gently support baby’s head and neck during feeding sessions. It elevates bub into an optimal feeding position without the need for lifting and holding. Mamma-pillo also doubles as a handy travel pillow and an ultra lightweight pregnancy and maternity pillow.

Mamma-pillo is committed to environmental sustainability. It is currently the only feeding pillow on the market that uses ECO friendly and sustainable fibre fills and materials. The Mamma-pillo Organic, with its all natural corn fibre filling, is believed to be the only infant feeding / nursing pillow globally that is greater than 95% organic in its composition.

Mamma Pillo | Mindful Little Minds A Mindful Christmas Gift Guide



Sun Protection Baby Cover

If you love spending time outdoors during summer, but worry about your baby’s delicate skin being exposed to harsh UV rays, Musluv is a great solution! Musluv sun protection baby covers have a certified UPF 50+ rating – over 97% of UV radiation is blocked out!

They contain a unique UV treatment that absorbs UV rays, while following the globally-renowned Oeko-Tex 100 standard of safety.  This means they contain absolutely no harmful substances and are safe for your baby. They are also beautifully soft, breathable and comfortable, giving you complete peace of mind that your baby will stay safe and happy outdoors.

Musluv | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


Peekabow Bowtique

Organic Knit Baby Wrap Sets

These beautiful handmade sets are a great gift for a new baby celebrating their first Christmas! Available in a range of different colours and patterns, these are a great option for a small baby who can’t play with toys yet, but who you’d still like to give something special to!

Each set includes:
*One 100% organic cotton single sided baby wrap, measurements approx 85cm x 70cm
*One newborn size beanie
*One top knot sized to fit mum, or as an over sized bow for baby


Petit Kiddo

Baby Bum Care Liniment 250mL

A natural alternative to industrial wipes, Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser is a rinse free 3 in 1 liniment. Specially formulated for nappy care, it cleanses your bub’s delicate skin and leaves a thin oily layer, acting like a barrier. Do away with those chemical filled disposable wipes for good!

Inspired from a traditional French recipe acclaimed in France for decades, Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser is made in Australia from natural ingredients, including a locally produced certified organic olive oil.  It is not tested on animals, and is free from nasties: Paraben free – Mineral oil free – Petrochemical free – Fragrance free, BPA free – Cruelty free -Vegan.

Baby Bum Care Liniment Pettit Kiddo | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

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All the gifts in this section were included in the guide for a reason. They are gifts that encourage healthy childhood development. They are gifts that are good for your child’s body and mind as well as the environment. They help them with social and emotional skills, concentration, balance, coordination and flexibility. They encourage kids to be active, to learn and to grow. There are no flashing plastic toys in sight. Or any electronics. These gifts encourage creativity, connection and calm. These gifts all encourage your child to develop resilience, positivity and self esteem, each in different but equally important ways. And, they will bring your child joy with every use!

Amber Tree Yoga and Retreats

Meddy Teddy

Meddy teddy is a great role model and compassionate buddy for young ones, helping them lead healthier, more mindful lives. The teddy bear has an internal frame allowing him to bend into lots of yoga positions. He is happy doing yoga with a room full of kids or sitting in lotus on your desk, shelf or bed. He is a great teaching tool and super soft plush toy. Great for cuddling in your calm down corner or helping you master your favourite yoga poses. He is sure to put a smile on your little yogi’s face on Christmas morning!

Meddy Teddy | Mindful Little Minds

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Save $6.95 when you purchase a Meddy Teddy and Blessed Yogi Colouring Book bundle with the code MINDFULBUNDLE

Aster and Oak

Kids and Baby Clothes

Aster & Oak is a West Australian Children’s clothing label that offers a truly unique range of certified organic clothing for all the precious little people in our lives. All their clothing is made using the purest 100% GOTS certified organic cotton making them gentle on your baby’s skin and even gentler on our environment. Brimming with character, each piece is adorned in the most delightfully playful and whimsical design, all individually illustrated by hand and coloured using natural based dyes. Beautiful, stylish threads for Christmas Day!

Aster and Oak | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 30% off with the code AODF30

Baby Vegas

Musical Instrument Set

Enjoy the magic of music with your child! The I’m Toy Melody Mix is a musical activity toy that comes with 10 music instruments : xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, and pair of rhythm sticks plus 2 strikers and 1 scraper. There are so many options and features on the Melody Mix it will keep your child entertained for hours!

Melody Mix | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide

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Butterfly Heart Workshops

Happy Girls E-course

This e-course invites you to explore self-love, self-esteem, gratitude, power, intention and mindfulness. All with the goal of creating rapid-self growth and awareness. The course is all about mothers and daughters creating their own happiness together, whatever that looks like for them! A great way to connect with your tween daughter and learn more about each other, while working on her emotional health and having fun, too!

Happy Girls Workshop | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get a free 1:1 Happy Girls session with the code MINDFULLITTLECHRISTMAS

Castle and Kite

Christmas Craft Box

These craft boxes are a great option for Christmas! Full of stimulating activities that develop fine motor skills, encourage self-expression and inspire creative thinking. Activities are achievable for ages 3-6 years and have been designed so children can complete them independently. Activities can also be extended, particularly for preschool-aged children, who can complete them in more detail, practise their cutting technique or build on their literacy skills. 

The Christmas Craft box is choc full of festive activities. Decorate the trees, build a reindeer, craft some merry baubles and tear Santa a curly beard. Even make a gorgeous card and gift for the kindy teachers or grandparents! Ho Ho Ho!

Castle and Kite | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


Kids Develop Store

Transport Balancing Game

Keep kids AND adults entertained with this simple but absorbing game. This classic 20 piece balancing game has the added twist of throwing a dice to determine which colour block piles on next! Great for kids to develop attention and focus as they remember to take it slowly and use careful hands. This activity with or without the dice in play, is perfect for building hand and finger awareness and supporting children who may take a rushed approach to tasks. It’s a great game to play as a family, too – perfect for Christmas Day shenanigans!

Transport Balancing Game | A Mindful Little Christmas


Little Dream Catchers

Kids Gratitude Journal

With over 80 positive affirmations, fun worksheets, animal cards to cut out and space to write or draw entries, this unique Gratitude Journal is a powerful tool to help kids shift in to a positive mindset. Each entry is worded differently and each page is different in design and layout.  And although there is space for 365 entries, the Journal is NOT dated, so there is no pressure to use it every day. Designed for ages 6+, this Journal is a beautiful way to empower your child to live with confidence and kindness. It’s a stunning gift to open on Christmas Day, and one your child will be eager to start using right away!

Gratitude Journal for Kids | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Receive a free affirmation bracelet with every journal using the code FREEBRACELET

Little Me Cloth Dolls

Mini Mermaid Doll

These beautiful little mini mermaid cloth dolls have been lovingly handmade with a special little person in mind. They are ready to dream sweet dreams of ocean adventures with your child. Mini mermaid bodies are made from a heavy weight cotton material, and their mermaid tails are 100% organic cotton. These dolls make stunning gifts and are beautiful keepsake pieces that your child will treasure for years to come.

Little Cloth Dolls | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift guide


Little One’s Kingdom

Replay Divided Plate

Your kids will love these brightly coloured plates, and so will you! The divided plate’s deep walls are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. And, not only are they great for your child, they are better for the environment than regular plastic plates! These beauties are made from USA FDA-approved recycled plastic: from used milk containers!

Little One's Kingdom | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 15% off all Replay products with the code MLM

Loog Guitars

Loog Mini Guitar

Want to get your kids involved in music? The Loog mini has been designed especially for kids and toddlers to help them get started on the guitar. The Minis, like all Loog guitars, only have three strings that are tuned the same as a normal guitar. This means that kids can play simplified chords with ease! The minis are for ages 3 and up and come fully assembled – just tune and play. All Loog Guitars come with a free instructional app that has a tuner, a monkey drummer and video lessons designed to get you playing songs right away. A perfect Christmas gift for your mini musician!

Loog Mini Guitar | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide


Lucy Connell, Doterra Wellness Advocate

Doterra Kids Collection

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or new to essential oils, the doTERRA Kids Collection is the complete and ready-made “whole body” essential oil toolbox designed to empower caregivers to confidently care for the health and wellness of little ones. Formulated specifically for developing minds, bodies, and emotions, these essential oil blends feature unique combinations therapeutically balanced to provide powerful benefits while being gentle on delicate skin.


Doterra Kids Collection | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE:  When you open a wholesale account and place an order of $100 or more, you’ll receive a free 15mL Citrus Bliss valued at $31.99. Mention the code MINDFULGIFTS when you contact Lucy.

Mindful Munchkins

Yoga Cards

These illustrated yoga cards are a fantastic tool for parents and teachers to encourage children to practise different yoga poses. Each card has a cute instructional rhyme to help little yogis form the pose. They include poses like dog, frog, surfer and magic carpet and come in their very own reusable drawstring bag. They’re suitable for ages 2-8 and are a great gift for your mini yoga lover!

Mindful Munchkins Children's Yoga Cards

YOUR EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: Get $10 off when you purchase both a set of Yoga cards AND a matching set of A4 downloadable yoga cards/posters

Nauts and Crosses

Reversible Bucket Hat

If you love being outdoors during summer but can’t find a stylish hat that fits well, these reversible bucket hats might just be the answer! They feature a wide brim and deep crown for maximum sun protection and comfort, drawstring and safety toggle around the crown for a secure fit, and a detachable chin strap. They are made from 100% cotton twill and come in a range of stylish, on trend fabric designs. A beautiful, yet practical gift idea for your little munchkins!

Nauts and Crosses | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


Nesk Kids

Crafters Box with Removable Lid

This crafter’s Box includes 17 compartments with a removable transparent acrylic lid and a paper tray that doubles as a chalkboard for even more fun! The box is made from FSC certified pine timber and includes over 2,000 pieces of cool craft items that will keep the kids entertained for hours. It’s great for Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Steiner, Waldorf and other methods of education. And of course, it’s heaps of fun!

Nesk Kids | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide


Sarah Chandlee – Arbonne Consultant

Kids Sugar Cookie Bath Time Set

Bath time will smell as sweet as a batch of freshly baked cookies with this lovely set from Arbonne. The set includes hair and body wash as well as a 100% cotton bath mitt, perfectly sized for your little one! All Arbonne products are botanically based, certified vegan, gluten free and free from mineral oils and dyes. Safe products that are good for you and the environment, as well as promoting healthy living and self care! Plus, delicious smelling children is always a bonus!

Arbonne Sugar Cookie Bath time set | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide


Snow Cherry Media

Nature Treasure Board

This little Eucalyptus nature treasure hunt board measures 17.5 x 12.5cm and is very light weight – perfect to take along on your next nature adventure to see how many items you can find! The board is hand made in Western Australia. Double sided with a bush treasure hunt on one side and a beach treasure hunt on the other. Such a fun way to explore nature with your little ones!

Snow Cherry Media | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide

YOUR UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 15% off with the code MINDFUL

The Little Festival Company

Pack of 3 Natural Handmade Playdough Pouches

These gorgeous playdough packs are made from all natural ingredients and essential oils. A handy size for travelling and outings, they come in a zip lock pouch to keep the dough fresh. Playdough is a great tool for strengthening fingers and hands, improving concentration and stimulating the imagination. It is also a great sensory aid for children when they need to calm down. A fabulous Christmas gift with unlimited uses!

The Little Festival Company | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


Two Little Duckings

Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards

Use these fun cards to help your child build a positive mindset and resilience from a young age. Packed in a handy calico bag, each card is laminated and designed with rounded corners to protect them from wear and tear – perfect for small children. Proudly Australian made and printed on environmentally friendly paper, the cards include:

– 12 question cards to encourage your child to think differently about their day.
– 12 activity cards to help them practice mindfulness or help them improve the way they are feeling.
– 8 feeling and emotion cards to help your child understand and describe their feelings (anxious, bored, calm, frustrated, happy, lonely, sad and scared).
– 32 positive affirmation cards to help you encourage, support and inspire your child.

A wonderfully positive Christmas gift that will leave them feeling warm and fuzzy inside!

Kids Wellbeing and Affirmation Cards | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide



Preloved Kids Clothes

We all love to dress our kids in fashionable clothing that’s great quality but they outgrow things so quickly it’s hard to keep up! Buying a brand new wardrobe for every growth spurt is hard on your wallet and even harder on our planet- that’s where Use-Ta! comes in. Use-Ta! sells gorgeous second hand kid’s clothes from local and international designers that have plenty of life left in them. Their consignment program turns clutter into cash and those lovely clothes get to be enjoyed again- everyone wins!

Use-Ta preloved Kids Clothes | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide 2018

YOUR UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE: Get 15% off storewide with the code MINDFUL

Wee Little Musos

10 Music Lessons

Wee Little Musos are passionate about one thing: helping kids become happy, healthy music lovers! Founder Jenny Wee is an accomplished Violist who has enjoyed teaching Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass in both school and private settings. She uses the Kodály method, an aurally based approach to music education, which she believes is the best, most fun way to teach your kids music.

And why get your kids the gift of music for Christmas?! music is so important for your child’s development! It influences their language, social, and physical development. It also improves concentration, memory, literacy and numeracy skills. Plus, for all gift vouchers purchased prior to Christmas 2018, 10% of the profits will go towards helping Lincoln, a sweet 4 year old boy with cerebral palsy.

Wee Little Musos | A Mindful Little Christmas gift guide


Wooden Wonderland

Bamboo Kinderboard

Kids will love the endless play opportunities this Kinderboard creates! Balance on it, lie in it, sit on it, use it as a foot stool, create a bridge or perhaps a shelter for all of the play animals in the toy room – the possibilities are endless! This multi-purpose toy was originally developed for use in Waldorf inspired early learning environments. Its intended purpose is to help children develop a sense of balance, stimulate their vestibular system, further develop their mind and body awareness and enhance their imaginations.

The Kinderboards are Dutch designed and the bamboo boards are made from 100% bamboo with absolutely no hidden veneer and finished with a protective lacquer stain. Bamboo is stronger than steel and more solid than many hardwoods, making it a versatile building material. Bamboo is also eco-friendly and produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than most other tree species. Great for the environment and great for your little people too! A super fun Christmas gift!

Wooden Wonderland Bamboo Kinderboard | A Mindful Little Christmas Gift Guide


That brings us to the end of A Mindful Little Christmas, Part 1. To see some inspiring gift ideas for teenagers, women, men and families, head over to Part 2 of the Mindful Living Christmas Gift guide.

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