Our play based tools have been hand-selected by a child psychologist, so you can teach your child emotion regulation skills, strengthen your relationship, and reduce the stress and reactivity in your home.

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Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m the founder of Mindful Little Minds. As a child psychologist for over a decade, and a busy mum of 4, I understand how difficult – and exhausting – parenting can be!

I know what it’s like to try your hardest every day, but still worry that you’re getting it all wrong. I know just how hard it can be to manage your child’s BIG emotions, and then manage yours too. I know you sometimes feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Stuck in a cycle of yelling, feeling guilty, doubting yourself as a parent, and then vowing to do better again tomorrow. I know because I’ve been stuck there too.

That’s why I’m on a mission to help your family learn some new skills. To guide you away from shame, blame and punishment and towards mindful, intentional parenting that nurtures your child’s emotional intelligence. By providing you with tools, resources and support to manage your own emotions and to teach your kids how to manage theirs, we can raise a generation of resilient, emotionally healthy kids. Kids who change the world for the better. And it all starts with the way we raise them right now.

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What makes Mindful Little Minds so different?

We’re not like the other websites. Mindful Little Minds is an expertly curated marketplace designed to support your whole family along your mindful parenting journey. Tools and support for you. And tools and support for the kids. All in the one place. Our tools:

1. Are hand selected by an experienced child psychologist

I’ve used my decade of experience as a child & adolescent psychologist to personally hand select more than 100 fun products that nurture your child’s emotional intelligence. I sort through thousands of products and sellers from all over the world so that you don’t have to.

2. Are practical and easy to use

I know that the hardest part of mindful parenting is putting it into practice! That’s why all of our tools are practical and easy to use in real life. They’ve been specifically designed and chosen to ensure they engage and support your family as you learn new regulation skills and then put them into action at home, school and childcare.

3. Make learning about emotions fun!

We understand that kids learn best through play. For kids, play IS learning. We know that kids don’t always want to sit and meditate quietly. They want to laugh, play, read, and learn with YOU. That’s why I make sure all of our products are playful, engaging and fun for your kids!

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