Our tools have been hand-selected by a child psychologist so you can teach your kids how to manage their emotions, even if you’re still learning how to manage yours

Your kids are our future. Let’s make it an emotionally healthy one.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m the founder of Mindful Little Minds. As a child psychologist for over a decade, and a busy mum of 4, I understand how difficult it can be to help kids with BIG emotions! Especially if you’re also trying to manage your own. In fact, every day I speak with parents who tell me they were never taught about emotions as children. They were never given these skills. But they want to give them to their own kids.

And so do I. Why? Because emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of your child’s future success. Even more so than IQ. That’s why I’m on a mission to build a generation of emotionally intelligent kids. Because when we teach our kids how to manage emotions, we give them skills for life. I believe that as parents and educators, we can change the world for the better. We can build an emotionally healthy future. And it all starts with the way we raise our children today.

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What makes our products so different?

We’re not just another website. Mindful Little Minds is an expertly curated Mindfulness Marketplace designed to help you raise resilient kids. That means our products:

1. Are hand selected by an experienced child psychologist

I’ve used my decade of experience as a child & adolescent psychologist to personally hand select more than 100 fun products that nurture your child’s emotional intelligence. I sort through thousands of products and sellers from all over the world so that you don’t have to.

2. Are designed and made by passionate small businesses

I select passionate, inspiring small businesses who make, design and import, effective, high-quality products.  You can buy from as many different sellers as you like through one easy check out. Plus, each seller will ship their items directly to you for a more personal touch.

3. Make learning about emotions fun!

We understand that kids learn best through play. For kids, play IS learning. We know that kids don’t always want to sit and meditate quietly. They want to laugh, play, read, and learn with YOU. That’s why I make sure all of our products are playful, engaging and fun for your kids!

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